Learn For Fun

We believe that "Interest is the best teacher". We are expecting a kid with a high academic standard, but we are more willing to see a happy and optimistic kid. Let our kiddos learn while playing and having lots of fun!

Project-Based Learning

Kids could learn much more effectively with projects and hands-on practice. We use games, real-world examples, hands-on projects in kids' learning. Our kiddos not only acquire knowledge, but also use the knowledge to solve the practical problems. How excited will they be!

Life-Long Learning

Through the systematic learning, kids will have a chance to learn computational thinking and creative problem solving skills. Meanwhile, kids will learn how to work in a team and do the research to find what they need to solve the problems.

Design Thinking

The concept of design thinking is used in our classroom. In addition to the learning of coding and building skills, kids will be trained with brainstorming and creative problem solving skills. Our kiddos will be "thinking outside of the box".

Product-Oriented Learning

"Why do I learn?" We might ask ourselves sometimes. As in the kids' learning, we try to relate what they learn to what can be done with those knowledge or skills. Kids are given a chance to focus on the products, such as digital games and animations, physical products and prototypes through their learning exercise. Kids will have a better sense of how engineering has been changing our daily life! And kiddos will think about how they can contribute to this big change.